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Mexico Yoga Retreats

Looking for a yoga retreat in Mexico? We’ve prepared exciting trips for you. Each one has its special touch and style of yoga.

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camino de santiago y yoga

Camino DE SANTIAGO, Spain

Come and walk with us the Camino de Santiago, and in hand with our local guide and yoga instructor. A true inspiring experience!

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retiro de yoga en bali

Bali Yoga Retreat

A yoga retreat on the island of the gods. Experience your inner vibrance on this sublime trip that includes yoga, bike tours and local dances.

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Bhutan: The Himalayas

Very few spots on earth are left with such an incredible pristine culture. Come and do yoga in the Himalayas and discover why this is the happy land. August

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Morocco: The desert

The world’s largest desert is an explorers dream come true. Surrounded by the great silence seeing a million stars. September

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Easter island

The most remote places on Earth. Here we discover the mystery of sacred artifacts and the towering stone Moai left behind by the ancient Rapa Nui civilization. February 2020

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