Trip + yoga

An opportunity to connect mindfully


The tropical rain dancing on the wooden roof, while in the position of the Warrior melts into the jungle and the sea horizon, smelling the damp earth through the breeze seems you can feel the rhythm of your soul, giving a good morning to your body and mind.

This may be the first day of a yoga retreat, there is a kind of decompression that happens gradually to return to what is really important: the connection with the earth and your surroundings.

On these types of trips you just feel like one part of you is at home, and other part is concerned with going beyond. In Omm Retreats we do that in all our destinations: we involve yoga, the magic of cultural immersion, delicious and healthy food and the experience of staying at unique places.


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Our trips are carefully planned with the perfect blend of great places, tons of nature & professional instructors. The retreats are quite different from each other: some are a week long or just 3 days, destinations change from cultural to wild , the styles of yoga and teachers also vary.
But let’s say a typical day would be: Start with a morning yoga session, then breakfast with nutritious fruit and local cuisine. And by the day you can opt for swimming, hiking, biking, horse-riding,…

For example: In Bali there are excursions to volcanoes and a Balinese cooking class, in Mexico visits to indigenous communities, in Spain a mix of music therapy and yoga sessions in the forest, in Sri Lanka visits to the elephant reserve and a chance to experience real Ayurveda healing.

And in the afternoon: yoga session with meditation, followed by a well balanced dinner and gathering.




The yoga sessions are accessible to anyone regardless of age or yoga level- and depending on destination or yoga instructor it can be more or less dynamic.
We like to hear the end of the journey phrases like: “For some reason this yoga retreat was just what I needed” or “I never thought I could connect with a group so well, I’m leaving with new friends in my heart.”

So if you worship authentic places, amazing nature, great experiences and enhancing culture & people we invite you to discover it with us.

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