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An amazing weekend doing yoga in a magical place of Mexico: near the Cubilete hill, in Guanajuato state. Brenda Lee was out beloved teacher guiding us to be focused on each detail of our movement, developing within us balance, strength and flexibility. We had a great time! yoga in a magical place of Mexico


Making new friends 😉


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Great time in paradise island! Yoga in Holbox island, Mexico
We started early in the morning with Therapeutic Yoga overlooking at the Caribbean, then, after an amazing buffete breakfast we had time to enjoy ourselves biking, snorkeling, taking trips to the little islands…
I the afternoon we had our Vinyasa Yoga session and -right after- a delicious dinner at the hotel.

We will come back again for sure!

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YUCATAN yoga retreat

September 13, 2014

An extraordinary experience in this yoga retreat in the south-east of Mexico: From the Celstún Biosphere Reserve to the magical Haciendas in YUCATAN (MEXICO) August 


First we spent 4 days in this paradise, surrounded by mangroves and pristine beaches. Doing yoga and meditation in the morning and afternoon.

maya yucatan retreat mexicomaya yucatan retreat mexico

On the day we had several options like beach, vegetarian-local cooking class, go to the mangroves and cenotes (sink-hole) diving.

yucatan yoga retreat maya yucatan retreat mexicomaya yucatan retreat mexico

Then we spent 3 days in a magical hacienda -inland of the peninsula-.
It’s great to make new friends and enjoy with them yoga, nature and healthy food.

maya yucatan retreat mexicomaya yucatan retreat mexicoAnd as a finishing touch, we closed this week of wellness with a Mayan ceremony: with a local shaman on a Mayan pyramid!


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At Haramara, Sayulita (Pacific coast)

A great experience! we enjoyed this trip with a full house of 32 wonderful people.




After our morning yoga class we deserved this great healthy food!
Here is Rafa and Fede on the way to the Huichol excursion.

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The Temazcal ceremony -ancient sweat lodge-  was one of the highlights, Sofía (our Shaman)  took us with her caring wisdom to a healing experience.



Stretch, breathe, expand and enjoy: life well lived.

meditation trip


An unforgetable experience in Haramara with nature around us, and the joy of this herat filling retreat. Hasta la vista amigos!



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Ten days in the Yucatan peninsula went as fast as the wind. It was quite an inside-outside journey to tour this magical land of the Mayas along with our daily Kundalini yoga ‘sadhanas’.

We started at Los Lirios – a stunning eco-lodge – by the beach. Waking up with the sea breeze to our morning yoga and an organic breakfast by the beach. Afterwards, we were more than ready to enjoy this turquoise world with open eyes.

maya retreat yoga

We continued our journey discovering the ruins of Tulum, Ek Balam, Chichen Itza and swimming in the sacred cenotes (natural wells).


A unique experience: climbing ancestral ruins and sleeping in hammocks in an authentic Yucatecan Hacienda.

We finished this Mayan adventure with a shamanic circle: fire and moon as a witness to the bounty of shared experiences, yoga, nature, meditation, and cultural immersion from a yogi’s perspective. Or as they say in this land:

retiro yoga yucatan



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