Easter Island (Chile) Yoga Trip

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Rapa Nui Yoga Trip
(Easter Island, Chile)
February 21-28, 2020

Let your focal point be the ocean and a cool breeze across your face be your mantra in Easter Island, one of the most remote places on Earth. Here we discover the mystery of sacred artifacts and the towering stone Moai left behind by the ancient Rapa Nui civilization. Coupled with visits to ancient historical sites and other awe-inspiring natural treasures.

Our approach is to enjoy yoga in a fun and safe environment. This trip is open to all yoga / meditation practitioners; nature will provide amazing and pristine backdrops for an overall experience.



Federico Orozco

Yoga and travel enthusiast. Currently living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I´m a Kundalini Yoga instructor certified by 3HO and also use all my skills in Hatha yoga, Chi Kung and Meditation.

I worked several years as a tour manager in Europe. I love traveling, getting to know people and, of course, yoga. I treasure it’s holistic perspective.
Omm Retreats is a my personal project that integrates being a tour guide and a yogi. I feel grateful to share this yoga trip experiences in unique places, surrounded by nature and wonderful people.

Come solo, with couple or friends
Stay in a single or double (sharing) room


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